Hold Up! You Can Now Make Whatsapp Calls In The UAE

For how long, though, we don't know
Hold Up! You Can Now Make Whatsapp Calls In The UAE
By Farah Andrews -

Since Whatsapp introduced its call function, it's been completely useless here in the UAE, that is, until today! 

You can now make and receive calls and video around the world from the UAE, using your data allowance only. So take advantage of it and call friends and family far afield this Eid! 

We don't know if it's official, there has been no word from the Telecoms Regulation Authority (TRA), and people have reported that it's not working that well, but... it's working. 

Naturally, people are pretty happy about it... 




UPDATE: It may not be staying around for long. 

In the past, the function was blocked because it doesn't adhere to UAE telecom laws. And that's not changed, according to a newly released TRA statement. 

"There is no change in the UAE’s Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Policy," the starement reads. "TRA reconfirms that any applications or services of this type must comply with the applicable regulatory framework in the country."