Don't Miss STEP Music Festival Featuring The Region's Top Indie Artists On April 7

Want to be a musician? Powerful record label execs will be there too!
Don't Miss STEP Music Festival Featuring The Region's Top Indie Artists On April 7
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By Latika Ganti Dhingra -

If you are a fan of regional indie music, you will be thrilled to know about STEP Music Festival – a full-day affair that brings together the region's best independent musicians, record label executives and big-name producers. There will also be live performances from top indie talent across the region in both the English and Arabic languages. 

Whether you're an aspiring musician or simply a fan of awesome music, you need to go to this event! 

STEP Music is happening on April 7 at the Dubai International Marine Club. Tickets for the concert are Dhs180 online (Early Bird) and Dhs250 at the door. Buy your tickets here.

Here are some of the awesome artists attending STEP. It's totally gonna be a good night.

Mashrou Leila: A five-member alternative pop-rock band from Lebanon

The Wanton Bishops: A Lebanese rock ‘n’ roll duo 

Autostrad: An indie Arab band from Jordan who play eclectic, multi-genre music including reggae, funk, Latin and rock

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Adonis: Pop-rock band from Lebanon

N.A.R.C.Y.: An Iraqi-Canadian actor and rapper and well-known in the Arab hip-hop space

Malikah: A Lebanese hip-hop musician born in France and raised in Beirut

Muqata’a: A musician and MC based in Ramallah, Palestine

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The Recipe: A three-member hip-hop group 

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Bei Ru: An Armenian-American producer and composer

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Esther Eden: UAE-based singer-songwriter born in Goa, India who is self-taught at the guitar, piano and ukulele

Layla Kardan: UAE-based Australian soulful jazz musician and singer with Iranian roots

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Pimms Brooke: Pop singer

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As Per Casper: Dubai-based singer-songwriter who gave up a career in finance to pursue her passion for music

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