OMG! Victoria Beckham Has Filmed A Carpool Karaoke

And she teased us with it last night...
OMG! Victoria Beckham Has Filmed A Carpool Karaoke
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By Farah Andrews -

Yesterday, Victoria Beckham was on James Corden's The Late Late Show, a show that we all know and love for its Carpool Karaokes. To date he's had some of the greatest singers of all time in his Range Rover Sport, roaming around Los Angeles. We're talking Stevie Wonder, Mariah Carey, Adele. But it's about to go next level! Because 1/5 of the Spice Girls is gracing the shotgun seat of his wagon for a musical commute. Yes, Victoria Beckham. And last night, the artist formerly known as Posh Spice teased the sure-to-go-viral video on her Instagram Story... 

Victoria Beckham Carpool Karaoke

But it didn't stay secret for too long... 

Victoria Beckham Carpool Karaoke

Victoria Beckham Carpool Karaoke

What is so funny @j_corden X VB

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This worries us a little, however. The Carpool Karaoke stage isn't a, ahem, forgiving one... vocally. And even VB admits that she didn't tend to sing live with the Spice Girls, she once joked in an interview, "They used to turn [my mic] off and just let the others sing". 

For now, let's focus on the positives, and ponder what she'll sing. Naturally there will be the classics, like Wannabe...

But will we get some vintage Spice Girls, like Say You'll Be There, which had a classic Victoria solo?

And then of course there is 2 Become 1, which our girl shone in. I mean, "Take it or leave it, take it or leave it," is the stand-out line in the entire song.

Or perhaps we will even hear tear-jerker Goodbye... and weep as we watch the video. 

But they certainly aren't the only options! There is an entire back-catalogue of solo hits. We're talking Not Such An Innocent Girl.

And lest we forget this classic duet with Dane Bowers, Out Of Your Mind...

We will have to wait and see! 

And yes, this was all just an excuse for a musical trip down memory lane this morning. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!