Is Kate Moss Going To Be In The 'Love Actually' Sequel?

If she is, March 24 really can't come fast enough
Is Kate Moss Going To Be In The 'Love Actually' Sequel?
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By Farah Andrews -

It's no secret that the Love Actually sequel, Red Nose Day Actually, has got us all very excited. But we noticed a little something on director, Emma Freud's Twitter that might make this project next-level incredible


Here is Kate Moss, Red Nose on, with Love Actually and Red Nose Day Actually star, Andrew Lincoln, along with the caption, "Oh. What's SHE doing here? " and telling hashtag, "#rednosedayactually". 

Could this mean that Kate Moss - the High Priestess of supermodels - is going to be in Red Nose Day Actually

Kate has done amazing Comic Relief sketches in the past, including this Little Britain skit with David Walliams in 2006...

Kate Moss Love Actually

And this bit called Katy Brand's Comic Relief Fashion College in 2009 


Plus, if she is, it won't be a total shock to the world of celebrity. Kate Moss' friends the Primrose Hill Set are super close to Emma's group, the Notting Hill Set, and they often socialise together. Plus, bizarrely in May last year, Kate was romantically linked to Emma Freud and Richard Curtis' son, Jake, who was 18 at the time, when she was on a break from Count Nikolai Von Bismarck. 

This is all getting too exciting. 

"Enough... Enough now"