Kylie Jenner Just Blessed Us With An Eye Make-Up Tutorial

Get your Kyshadows, Kylighter and, um, Ky-brushes out...
Kylie Jenner Just Blessed Us With An Eye Make-Up Tutorial
By Shadene Yaghi -

The Snapchat queen took us through her natural everyday makeup look, using, of course, her own kits! Done like a pro, Kylie made it look so easy as she was both applying make-up and Snapchatting...

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Love or loathe Kylizzle, you got to admit that as soon as she sets a trend, the people copy it. And since we are all curious about her make-up routine and want to try out her tricks to complete that perfect eyeshadow blend, we got you covered with the steps you need to follow.

First up, Kylie used the first Kyshadow kit she designed, The Bronze Palette...

Step 1: Blend in, shades Topaz and Tiger Eye and use it on your crease

Step 2: Use Bronzite on the outer crease and blend it in

Step 3: Jenner then used her Royal Peach Palette starting with Peachy for an orangy tone

Step 4: Use Sorbet in your inner and middle lid for a light tangerine matte finish

Step 5: Go back to The Bronze Palette and pick Tapaz to define your crease


Step 6: Use the Salted Caramel Kylighter in your inner lid to make your eyes pop 


Step 7: To finish the look, blend in Topaz and Tiger Eye on your lower lashes...and you're all set, your make-up is Kylie Jenner-approved!

You can get Kylie Jenner's make-up kits on Kylie Cosmetics. Happy shopping!