Explore the Streets of Asia in Jumeirah

Be wowed by Wox
Explore the Streets of Asia in Jumeirah

Nestled on the ground floor of Hyatt Place, Jumeirah is a little gem. With its open layout spacious seating, Wox offers an exceptional pan-Asian dining experience. Guests are able to watch the chefs at work and see how their food is prepared.

The ambiance is heightened with sizzling sounds from the wok, the occasional burst of flames shooting up from cooking pans, and the aroma of dishes coming together to excite the senses.

Unpretentious and without getting ridiculous with the trend of fusion cuisine, Wox offers dishes that are simple, but flavourful.

With Chef Dewa hailing from Bali, the nasi goring is beyond compare. Other must-try dishes include the spicy (but not too spicy) eggplant with shrimp, and the vegetable spring rolls. Although, every item on the menu is likely to be a hit, lezbehonest!