Business Class Travel: Worth It?

I mean, it’s just a pricey way of getting from Point A to Point B, right?
Business Class Travel: Worth It?

These days “work-life balance” is the mantra of millennials where the traditional none-to-five no longer applies. The line between the two has become so fuzzy that really the best we can hope for is a holistic blend of the two. Sure, you might need to see the doctor mid-week, but you’ll also check emails over the weekend. It’s a fair trade off.

This applies doubly when it comes to international travel. Considering large company’s often have branches dotted around the globe, international travel for work is a necessity these days. More than ever the phrase “hit the ground running applies.”


On a recent press trip to Orlando, Florida Emirates very kindly partnered with Disney to fly me there and back. Considering it was a (direct!) 16-hour flight that would put me on a nine-hour time difference for a week, I was beyond grateful.

I travelled on the Boeing 777 which offered the following seating:
• 42 roomy, comfortable sleeperette seats in 2-3-2 configuration
• Seat rows pitched at 65” apart, recline to a 78” long lie flat bed with a very small angle, 20.5” width
• Electronically-operated footrest and lumbar support
• Adjustable headrest
• A 23” HD LCD screen
• As a bonus, I discovered the seat also has a massage function – great to keep the circulation moving while on a long-haul flight.

For my purposes – a work trip – these are the little extras I really valued:
• Chauffeured collection and drop off. My departing flight was at 3am so not having to worry about transport at midnight was appreciated.
• Did you know that Emirates has a separate entrance for first and business class travellers? I didn’t, and since I had to go through a rigorous, post-9/11 security check to fly to the States, skipping that particular queue was fantastic.
• I enjoy being able to board and disembark first, again, since I had to get through US immigration which was a bit lengthy.


So, is travelling business class worth the expense? Personally, for the longer flights I’d stretch my budget where possible. Being able to lie flat for a chunk of the journey goes a long way to alleviate the effects of jetlag, and the overall experience is less stressful. Considering the deals airlines offer, it’s worth taking the time to join their loyalty programmes simply to make upgrades more frequently. 

Of course, if you’re really smart, you can leverage the know-how of seasoned travellers like Immanuel Debeer, owner of Flight Hacks, who gives valuable tips on how to make regular flights on business and first class while paying economy prices.