The Kardashians All Impersonated Each Other And It's Spot On

Khloe and Kendall were born to do this
The Kardashians All Impersonated Each Other And It's Spot On

  • The Kardashian sisters just dressed up as each other and did their best impressions - and they absolutely nailed it.
  • Kylie was missing from the fun, but even Kris got in on the action!

The Kardashian sisters are extremely close, which means they can literally dress up and pass for one another - as demonstrated in their latest family get-together for the final episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, in which they decided to mix things up and impersonate each other.

Firstly, let's talk about Khloe's spot-on impression of her mum, Kris:

In a brutal impersonation, Khloe/Kris said: "Kylie you can sit next to me, because you are my favourite and you make a billion dollars...I have my Kylie, my billion dollar baby. Now she will always be the dearest to my heart for a billion reasons."

Meanwhile Kendall played Kylie, and had a lot of fun with her lip kits.

Kim and Kourtney both dressed up as each other, which is a recipe for a billion arguments but also makes for excellent viewing on our part. Kim, (or Kourt IRL, confusing) tells the camera: "My pants are Yeezy, my shoes are Yeezy. I have seven stylists who put me in sweats and leggings." LOL.

You can watch the clip from the episode here:

Meanwhile, can we just talk about how Kris looks exactly like her daughter Khloe?!

Nailed it, you guys, Pure Kardashian comedy genius.

H/T Cosmo UK