Khloe Kardashian on what the family do with leftovers after criticism for food fight

She insists it doesn't go to waste
Khloe Kardashian on what the family do with leftovers after criticism for food fight

Whether it's for Photoshopping their pictures or the way they treat each other, the Kardashian-Jenners are often on the receiving end of criticism from viewers. Most recently, Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans came for the family after Khloe shared a video of them having a food fight on her Instagram.

The video showed Kourtney throwing a bowl of crisps at Khloe, before Kim chucks a bowl of pasta and Kris launches a salad all over the floor. It quickly garnered comments along the lines of, "Wasting food" and "Love you but this is just wrong"

Now, Khloe has responded to a fan who questioned what they usually do with all the leftovers from their lavish parties. Whether it's the pick and mix station from Stormi's first birthday, or Kylie's incredible Thanksgiving table, what does happen when the party is over?

"Serious question… what do y’all do with all the props, decor, and leftover food after birthday parties!!?" a fan tweeted at Khloe. "I just watched Khloe’s from last weekend, North/P’s the week before and Saint’s last night. It’s SO MUCH, I’m so curious!”

Khloe replied, "The decor is normally rented but anything personal (like the quote signs) I have in storage for another function one day. The food leftovers always get donated to a food bank or church. Sometimes the food may go elsewhere depending on the situation."

While the one video seems to suggest differently, it's good to hear the Kardashian-Jenners take responsibility for their excess, and that it goes somewhere in need.

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