Oprah Winfrey's Net Worth Is Four Times Bigger Than Kylie Jenner's, Casual

Adopt me, Oprah
Oprah Winfrey's Net Worth Is Four Times Bigger Than Kylie Jenner's, Casual

'Tis the season to be jolly spend literally all your money buying presents while your bank account weeps and dies a slow death. So, like, on the off-chance that you need someone else's raging success to inspire you, allow me to present the living legend known as Oprah Winfrey. She has something she'd like to say to you!


Wow, inspiring. Anyway, Oprah's net worth is literally massive and the time has come to copy every decision she's ever made in life, so let's get started:

Oprah's iconic talk show ran for 25 glorious seasons before ending in 2011, and she made so. much. money. Details of her exact paycheck aren't known, but Forbes reported that she earned an estimated $165 million (not just from the show, mind you) between May 2011 and May 2012, and earned $290 million the year before.

While we're all sad Oprah is no longer giving away cars to entire audiences (YOU GET A CAR! AND YOU GET A CAR!), don't forget that she still has her own magazine!

Oprah has a stake in Weight Watchers (er...WW? I guess?), and not to be dramatic but OMG has it paid off! According to CNBC, the company's share prices hit record highs in June 2018, making Oprah major money. No, seriously, Forbes says her shares have gone from $43.5 million to $400 million. I...just...wow.

Gentle reminder that Oprah has her own network (sorry, her OWN network). The business side of things is a little complicated, but basically Oprah's company, Harpo Inc., owns OWN with Discovery Communications. They paid Harpo $70 million in 2017 to increase their ownership to over 70%, and according to Deadline, this was the first time Oprah "received a payment from her company’s ownership stake in OWN in the 10 years since forming the joint venture with Discovery."

This might seem surprising, but despite OWN's major success right now, it had a pretty rocky start and "raked in hundreds of millions of dollars in losses before starting to turn profit."