7 Of The Best Lipsticks And Glosses You Need Right Now

7 Of The Best Lipsticks And Glosses You Need Right Now

Lips, Lips, Lips! They are the focal point of the beauty industry nowadays with fillers, plumping products and lipsticks being all the rage. Your lips are one of the last steps of your makeup routine and it just puts the look together. But, some lipsticks just make your lips drier than usual or barely last you half the day. (We've all been there.)

Well ladies, we got you. We've tested a bunch of lip products from glosses to lip stains and we've put together a list of the BEST lip products out there in the market so you don't have to! You can't go wrong when you use these products and they definietly make a statement. So, without further a do, here are the  Best Lip Products of 2019 from the Cosmo Beauty Awards. Bring it on!

In no particular order (ahem, we'll announce Cosmo Beauty Awards winners LATER), here are our seven faves. 

1. Sephora Lip Stain

Sephora has a really great makeup line and if you haven't checked it out yet, their lip stains are a must-try. They have stay on ALL DAY and don't leave your lips chapped. It has a creamy consistency and have a great range of colours to choose from. 

Dhs81 on Amazon.ae 

2. MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipsticks 

You can never go wrong with a MAC lipstick. Their Retro Matte Liquid Lipsticks are So. Good. They are really pigmented and are easy to apply - especially when you're in a rush because of the applicator. A classic red with this formula is what you need to spice up any OOTD. 

Dhs60 on Amazon.ae

3. Kiko Milano Unlimited Double Touch Long Lasting Lipstick

These double ended liquid lipsticks pack double the punch when it comes to shine and pigment. Their are so many colours available and the deep reds are perfect your festive oufits. Kiko Milano also created an amazing formula for the gloss because it's easy to apply and doesn't feel gross and sticky on your lips. YAY!

Dhs51 on Amazon.com

4. Benefit Tint

We  Swear By This Product! This is one of the most versatile products on the list. Benetint can be used as a cheek AND lip stain, it's long lasting and smudge-proof.  The formula doesn't dry out your lips and you can get a really natural, luscious lip for the day and add more to make your lips look juicy for your night out. It also lasts a really long time because you only need a little to make your lips look goregous and rosy. 

Dhs75 on Amazon.ae

5. L’Oreal Colour Riche Original Creamy Hydrating Skin Lipstick

L'Oreal is an OG brand and these lipsticks are to die for. The formula has Omega 3, Vitamin E and Argan Oil in it to keep your lips hydrated and shiny all day! (So fancy!) The colour pay-off is amazing and there are SO MANY gorgeous shades to choose from. (I'll have one of each please.) 

Dhs29 on Amazon.com

6. MAC Lip Glass

The MAC Lipglass is the perfect addition to your lipstick OR you can even wear it on its own. Either way, it leaves the prettiest layer of sparkle on your lips all day and comes in a lot of shades, you'll never run out of options. The formula has a silky consistency to it so it feel A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. 

Dhs108 on Amazon.ae

7. Rimmel Oh My Gloss

If you want a lipgloss that stands the test of time during you busy day, Rimmel's Oh My Gloss is exactly what you're looking for. The glosses come in a range of colours and even has the trendy clear gloss to top off whatever lipstick you put on. It makes your lips look plump and juicy without easily going off after a sip of coffee. It's. The. Best. 

Dhs34 on Amazon.ae