Er, Where's The Kardashian Christmas Card?

Don't let us down guys
Er, Where's The Kardashian Christmas Card?

Once upon a time, the Kardashians dished out their Christmas cards like clockwork. Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans always knew the much-hyped card was coming and didn't need to head over to Twitter to personally ask Kim Kardashian and co if they would be doing one.

Well, times have changed, babies have been born, schedules have become more hectic, and Kourtney isn't that exciting to look at any more (Kim's words, not ours).

That's why we're not entirely surprised there's not yet been any solid confirmation, despite KUWTK fans tweeting the family to ask if they'll be doing one this year.

"Since it’s December 1st is it a good time to ask if there will be any form of Christmas card this year?" one eager fan tweeted Khloe and Kim.

However, fans shouldn't give up hope just yet as last year the famous family said they wouldn't be doing one, but then went and surprised us all by dropping it on Christmas Eve.

Kim also told E! News last month she'll be making one - though it probably won't involve the entire family.

"I think this Christmas card will be just my family, like me, Kanye, and the kids because it's a lot to wrangle everybody," she said. Kim added that she plans to go for "something really chill and cosy".

While we like the sound of "chill and cosy",  it isn't a proper Kardashian Khristmas card without all the Kardashians.

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