5 Events In DXB To Kick Off The Long Weekend

Get your beauty sleep, it's going to be a busy one
5 Events In DXB To Kick Off The Long Weekend

The weekend is here and this time it’s going to be a veeeery long one. Some of us enjoyed the week and the rest of us are just here, planning, and anticipating how lit this weekend is going to be. I’ve got a few events to kick off the festivities and they involve food, music, dancing and just a bit of the chilly weather. Check these out!

1. Jo-Chella at Joe’s Backyard

What’s a better way to start the weekend than watching the famous Abri & Funk Radius perform at a festival-themed party? In celebration of their anniversary, the BBQ spot is having a Coachella-themed birthday, including hula hoop dancers and glitter stations. Bring out your retro sunglasses, short-shorts, fringe dresses and get ready to party. See you there!
Info: November 28. Visit their website here for more information

2. Urban Art DXB

This one is for the art lovers and it’s FREE! Don't miss the first Art and Street exhibition curated by Vandalist Art, which will be happening in Dubai at the Rove hotel, Dubai Marina. The best part is that you will get the chance to customise your sneakers and also explore limited-edition artworks on sale. You will also get to meet the BEST street artists, like Pure Evil and Stainz to Cholo Juan.
Info: November 29 to 30. Free, registration required. Rove, Dubai Marina.

3. Food Truck Festival

The Food Truck festival is back and it kicks off on Saturday night at the Emirates Golf Club. There will be loads of food and drinks (duh), as well as free golf lessons and a live band to keep the chilled vibe going all night long. 
Info: November 30. Free, Emirates Golf Club.

4. World Music Fest

Head over to Creek Park and watch incredibly talented artists sing their way into the hearts of judges. The competition will include artists from all over the world, with talented participants singing in different languages and representing their countries. Come show some love!
Info: November 29. Creek Park. For more information, click here

5. DJ Graeme Park at the Dubai Opera

Award-winning DJ Graeme Park is bringing the musical club Hacienda to the Dubai Opera. He'll be playing house music and club bangers that he's reinvented by infusing it with Manchester Carameta. Get ready for a lit-uation.
Info: November 29. The Dubai Opera, Downtown Dubai. For more information, visit the website here.