Could You Be This Pop Group’s New Member?

Hey now, this is what dreams are made of
Could You Be This Pop Group’s New Member?
Savanna Smith -

The world’s first global pop group is looking for a new member and it could be you! In partnership with Pepsi, international pop group Now United is on the hunt for a talented individual from the Middle East and North Africa to join the group.

Now United, which currently has fourteen members from around the globe, was created by industry icon Simon Fuller (who’s been behind the careers of Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and the Spice Girls), and allows talented individuals to represent their region and share their passion for music and dance. Not only did Now United perform in Dubai last month for the launch of Pepsi Black, but they also provide the soundtrack for Pepsi’s ‘For The Love Of It’ campaign. Basically, this is your chance to be a huge star.

If joining a pop group and becoming a household name is something you’d be interested in (who wouldn’t be?) then you can submit your audition video here. Once it’s sent off, Simon Fuller himself, alongside the other fourteen group members, will select their favourite applicant and welcome them as Now United’s newest member.

BRB, we’re off to practice our dance moves.