6 Essential Beauty Products For Make-Up Free Girls

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6 Essential Beauty Products For Make-Up Free Girls

We love make-up as much as the next beauty blogger, but there're days that you just don’t want your face to breath and be free of excessive products. Some people are able to wear make-up daily and have flawless skin and some of us just wanna be comfortable in our skin without having to apply layers of make-up.

These are five essential products that'll make you feel and look pretty without make-up.


Exfoliate regularly; exfoliating is the process of removing dead skins from the face to allow smooth skin under the surface. “As we age, skin cell turnover slows so exfoliating becomes necessary," says licensed aesthetician, Hannah Sowd.


Keep your skin super charged and looking moist with a sheer moisturizer that most likely has sunscreen.  “It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on oils or retinol and vitamin C. If you’re not getting good sun protection, you’re wasting your money," says Dr. Samer Jaber of Washington Square Dermatology.


If you don’t have the time to go for a weekly eyelash extension appointment, this product is the major key! I use it and the reviews are really encouraging. Daily application have your lashes healthier and looking darker and fuller.


Eyebrows frame the face, so it’s super important to have nice and evenly shaped brows if you’re going to go make-up free. The only product that you actually need is a brow gel, but if you’ve been plucking your brows and they’re now thin, this brow serum will help strengthen and thicken your brows.


Lip gloss is an essential when it comes to beauty. No one wants to look ashy with flaky lips. Some people prefer to use lip balms, but they can actually make your lips dryer, because “they’re designed to sit on top of your lips, forming an impermanent shield that prevents dry air from drawing out moisture," Dr. Zoe Draelos, a North Carolina-based dermatologist and researcher explains.



Drink enough water daily and mind yo business! It works like magic.