The Most Comfortable and Stylish Heels Are Finally Here!

Say goodbye to sore feet
The Most Comfortable and Stylish Heels Are Finally Here!

If you love your flats and sneakers, but want the extra height and a kick in your step, these Day Heels are just what you need.

Day Heels is French brand that’s known for its comfortable and practical heels for women. (oui oui!) But we’re not talking about a shoe…we’re talking about a heel that doesn’t give you sore feet, that you can carry around with you AND that supports your back and posture. Yes, it actually exists and it's revolutionary. 

You just have to slide these Day Heels into ANY shoe and you instantly get a bump in height of up to 4.5cm! BTW, it’s made with anti-odor technology and has multiple layers of silicon and foam to make sure you stay comfortable while on the move in your OOTD.

It’s the next big thing that’s going to shake up the fashion industry which means Dubai has to have it and it does! They’ve finally made their debut in the city and it’s a life saver. It was designed for all of us women-on-the-go so that you can be stylish, chic and walk with confidence without having sore feet after a long day at the office.

If you’re wondering where you can get your hands on this revolutionary product, here are the deets:

Product - Available in the adjustable 2-in-1 version, giving you between 1cm and 4cm in height!

Price - Dhs45

Shop -

FYI, you get a free travel pouch for your Day Heels so you can carry them with you just in case you need a kick in your step as you conquer your busy day.

Slay all day girl, you got this.