Yay! Dubai Garden Glow Is Finally Back

And there's so much more to see this season!
Yay! Dubai Garden Glow Is Finally Back

Dubai Garden Glow is opening for its 5th Season! In case you’re living under a rock and don’t know what it is, it's a unique theme park that’s full of mesmerizing, insta-worthy experiences for everyone to enjoy.

It has an arena full of different parks that have really cool displays like: the Biggest Dinosaurs Park, a Chilling Ice Park, a Spectacular Art Park and a New Miraculous Magic Park. The park is for family and friends to learn about the world around them in an artistic way. And to get some good pics, obvs.

BTW, the artwork and models all over the arena are environmentally friendly, so not only does the Glow Park look good, but also cares for the environment. Score!

Here’s what's happening at each park at Dubai Garden Glow:

1. Dinosaur Park

Learn about 100 prehistoric creatures, visit the Dino museum and hop on some fun rides while you journey back in time.

2. Ice Park

Go on a safari like no other with beautiful ice sculptures of wild life! (At least there’s no risk of being eaten alive. LOL.)  Take a look at the falcons, giraffes, leopards and the cool Igloo they’ve created just for you. It’s absolutely stunning!

3. Art Park

Art is a big part of Dubai Garden Glow but this section focuses on the human senses. You get to explore artwork that comes in different forms, and all of the pieces are unique and come from somebody’s imagination. This way, everyone can learn about creativity and how art shapes the world we live in.

4. Magic Park

For season 5, Dubai Garden Glow has pulled out all the stops on their newest installation – Magic Park. It’s full of surprises and optical illusions that are there to challenge your mind and your eyes. The entire concept is to explore visual art and to offer everyone an educational adventure. Plus, it's hilarious!

Since the weather has gotten better, you can go for a stroll around this gorgeous arena and never get bored. Not only do you get some amazing snaps for your Instagram, but you learn and get to share a memorable experience with your loved ones all at the same time. And it's a totally cute winter date-night spot!

Dubai Garden Glow has really gone all out to display the best art and interactive experiences… I'll race you there!