The Best Hot Chocolates To Try In Dubai This Winter

The Best Hot Chocolates To Try In Dubai This Winter

It’s my favourite time of the year. The entire city is in the festive spirit and the weather has finally cooled down! It’s so nice to finally wear comfy sweaters, warm socks and not sweat 24/7. (WOHOO!) So to warm you up during this amazing weather, grab a cup of hot cocoa at these places around Dubai. They serve the best, most decadent, hot chocolate drinks in the entire city. Whether you want to snuggle up in bed or take your best friend out for breakfast...these places have the best drink to warm you up this winter.

1. Godiva

Godiva is chocolate and pastry heaven and it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to their hot cocoa during the winter time. Order the original, peppermint, salted caramel or red velvet chocoelixir and get addicted. It has a rich flavor and is thick, smooth and just divine. Grab a cup at their branches in JBR, Mall of the Emirates or City Walk.

2. Angelina

People with a sweet tooth have to check out this chic café for their amazing pastries and dishes. Angelina’s has a decadent hot chocolate called L’Africain which tastes like your drinked molten chocolate! *Slurp.* They usually put a dollop of fresh cream on top which makes this drink SO. GOOD.

3. Dip n Dip

Dip n Dip have an amazing hot chocolate that is not too diluted and not too thick. It has the perfect balance for those who aren’t a fan of a death-by-chocolate experience. LOL. Their drink is served best with a marshmallow that makes it frothy and creamy. YUM.

4. Cocoa Room

All hail the most EXTRA hot chocolate out there. Cocoa Room is all about serving dishes that keep you asking for more. The same goes for their drinks. Order the Salted Caramel with Burnt Marshmallow Hot Chocolate and be blown away by how rich and tasty every ingredient is. You can thank me later.

5. Hapi

This place has a really yummy cup of hot cocoa for those nights where you want to cuddle up in bed and watch a Christmas movie. If you order their hot chocolate with a marshmallow…it tastes even better. What’s really cool is that they make the marshmallows from scratch so you know that it’s made fresh and with good quality ingredients. WOW.

Hot chocolate just makes everything better.

Can the holidays come any sooner?!