Celebrate Thanksgiving With These Dubai Restaurants

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Celebrate Thanksgiving With These Dubai Restaurants

The festive season has officially begun and the best way to get started is by getting yourself a feast to celebrate this Thanksgiving in Dubai.

Getting all the dishes prepared from scratch can be quite a tiresome process, that’s why we’ve got you FIVE places that have great deals for you to celebrate hassle-free. You can either dine-in, takeaway or get the food delivered to your doorstep!

1. Couqley French Bistro (Dine-in & Takeaway)

If you’re in the midst of a busy week and have no time to prepare your Thanksgiving meal, this bistro will save the day. You can either dine-in with your family and friends at their cozy restaurant or you can place an order to take home and enjoy. The huge feast includes: a traditional turkey with wild mushroom stuffing along with sides such as roasted Brussel sprouts topped with crispy veal bacon, sweet potato gratin, potato purée, fresh sautéed string beans, roasted baby carrots, cranberry coulis, and rosemary turkey gravy. *slurp*

Here are the deets:

You can enjoy these delicious feasts from TODAY till January 15, 2020!

Turkey Single Portion - Dhs119

Whole Turkey WITH sides:

  • 6-8 people- Dhs749
  • 8-10 people- Dhs899
  • 10-12 people- Dhs1,099

Whole Turkey WITHOUT sides:

  • 6-8 people - Dhs449
  • 8-10 people - Dhs575
  • 10-12 people - Dhs699

Turkey Single Portion - Dhs96

Whole Turkey WITHOUT sides:

  • 6-8 people - Dhs359
  • 8-10 people - Dhs459
  • 10-12 people - Dhs559

Whole Turkey WITH sides:

  • 6-8 people - Dhs599
  • 8-10 people - Dhs719
  • 10-12 people - Dhs879

FYI for dine-in or takeaway, you need to let them know 48-hours in advance so they can prepare everything for you!

Location: JLT

Contact: 04 514 9339

2. Deliveroo with Baker & Spice (Delivery)

Deliveroo has partnered with Baker & Spice to create a single-sized portion Thanksgiving dinner to be delivered at your doorstep to celebrate. So if you’re a busy bee and still want a delish meal, they’ve got you covered. From the juicy turkey to the stuffing and cranberry sauce – the traditional flavours of Thanksgiving are definitely gonna kick-start the festive season. BTW, if you’re hosting a dinner party you could even order customised meals for your guests and it’ll be less stressful than preparing all the dishes by yourself. Trust us.

Here are the deets:

Dates: 25 – 30 November

For Dhs129, the Thanksgiving meal from Baker & Spice will include:

One Starter:
Daily Seasonal Homemade Soup

Main Options:

  • 250gm Roast Chicken with Gravy
  • 250gm Roast Turkey with Gravy & Cranberry Sauce

Side Options:

  • Red Cabbage with Apple & Cranberry
  • Pearl Couscous and Chicken Sausage with fresh Cranberry & herbs
  • Traditional Sourdough Bread Stuffing
  • Roast Potato with Cumin & Zaatar


  • Daily Thanksgiving dessert

3. Clinton St. Baking Company (Delivery and Takeaway)

The famous New York bakery and restaurant will be offering a traditional Thanksgiving menu with mouthwatering whole roasted turkey and a variety of sides, baked items and desserts to choose from. (YUM!) Thanksgiving is such a special occasion because it's all about good vibes and amazing food shared with friends and family. This feast will make sure Thanksgiving is a memorable one.

Here are the deets:

Dates: 21 November – 31 December

Dhs625 for a whole roasted turkey on a bed of kale and red currants garnish, served with homemade gravy.
FYI – Orders must be made 3 days in advance!

Dine in options:
Plated turkey dinner – Dhs150

  • Carved roasted turkey, 6-piece roulade served with creamy mashed potato, homemade gravy, truffled brussels sprouts, maple glazed carrots, pecan crumb sweet potato and organic cranberry sauce accompanied with a mini butter milk biscuit and a mini jalapeno cornbread. The meal is concluded with a slice of homemade pie.

Whole turkey (8 to 12 people) - Dhs1200

  • A whole roasted turkey with creamy mashed potato, homemade gravy, truffled Brussels sprouts, maple glazed carrots, pecan crumb sweet potato, organic cranberry sauce and half a dozen of each mini butter milk biscuit and mini jalapeno cornbread. It also includes a selection of 3 medium-sized (6 inch) home-baked pies - pumpkin pie, maple pecan pie and apple crumble pie.

Location: City Walk

Contact: 04 344 0705

4. Fuschia Urban Thai (Dine-in only)

This year, this Thai restaurant is giving traditional Thanksgiving a twist that’s full of amazing flavours. With a limited-edition minced turkey-stuffed dim sum and turkey spring rolls, these bite sized dishes are guilt-free and sound SO GOOD.

Here are the deets:

Dates: 27 – 29 November

  • Dhs 38 – Dim sum stuffed with minced turkey and hot basil with cranberry sauce on the side.
  • Dhs34 – Light and delicious turkey spring rolls

Location: Barsha Heights

Contact: 04 361 7117

5. Eggspectation

Enjoy a range of sweet treats at Eggspectation that will get your spirits up for this festive season. They are so delicious and are made only for this time of year, so get your friends and family together and indulge in these limited-edition dishes.

Here are the deets:

Dates: November – December

Hot Chocolate Pancake – Dhs49
This seasonal pancake will make you feel as if you are sipping a cosy mug of hot chocolate!

Gingerbread Waffle n Cinnamon Apple Compote – Dhs49
The holiday favourite gingerbread waffle is topped with cinnamon, caramelized apple compote and festive cream cheese. To add some sweet goodness, the waffle is drizzled with a slightly salted maple caramel.

Berry and Brioche French Toast – Dhs49
Eggspectation’s signature brioche bun is stuffed with mix berry compote and orange cream cheese frosting drizzled with salted maple caramel.

Locations: JBR, City Walk and Matajer Mall in Sharjah

Contact: 04 430 7252

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Have a great one.