5 Genius Money Saving Tips In College

Save and spend...the best duo
5 Genius Money Saving Tips In College

Every teenager was to go to college and become independent, until they know what it means to be broke and realize that adulting is an actual scam. As a student that's currently in uni, I know that being independent in college is difficult and expensive; there’re endless items on my “must-have” list and sticking to a budget can be hard especially if you’re working.

Trust me, it get easier as long as you’re consciously saving. Here are 5 tips that will help you learn how to save money and ball on a budget.

1. Have a weekly budget

Guys, allocating your weekly spending is the secret to saving money. Know your expenses and try to stick to the amount that you have kept. Things like getting groceries, transportation, unplanned snacks and date night with bae (or yourself) should have a fixed amount. Sometimes, you can add an extra Dhs50 to your budget, in case you have to go over your budget.

2. Shop at cheaper grocery stores

Do your research and find the affordable supermarkets near you. I know that Union Coop and Carrefour are student friendly. Don’t forget that buying your weekly groceries is a good opportunity to avoid eating out and ordering food.

3. Keep an eye out for student deals

This is the major key! Make a conscious effort to look for student deals from your favourite outlets. Everyone understands the struggle of being a student, so many times than none, there are some really good deals exclusive to only students. Johnny Rockets has a student’s deal in their restaurant, sign up on Groupon, there’s a discount code for possibly anything you need. You can also download the Shein app. It is the best for affordable and really trendy clothing.

4. Enjoy experiences with public transportation

As students, we’re always on the move, there’s always somewhere to be. Did you know that students are charged half the price for every trip with the students Nol card? This literally helps you save half of your transportation allowance. I’m not even mad at the public transportation system is Dubai,  it is super convenient.

5. Buy textbooks second hand

The thing that no one really told me is how expensive textbooks are. When the semester started, I found out that I needed almost Dhs3,000 to buy my textbooks, but I bought them from second year students less than quarter of that amount. Look for students that want to sell their textbooks, this will definitely save you a lot of money.

Don’t forget, the goal is to ball on a budget, with these tips you can still do your favourite activities, they just cost less. Thank me later!