ALERT: Instagram 'Likes' Are Going To Be Removed!

What on Earth is going on?
ALERT: Instagram 'Likes' Are Going To Be Removed!

Instagram has been trying to make some changes to its app especially with the 'like' counts on each post. Many people believe that the number of likes correlates to the account's popularity, regardless of the quality of content posted. It's ruining the whole point of being creative, people. So Instagram has considered either removing the like count all together, or keep your post's likes visible ONLY to you. 

A couple of days ago, Instagram decided to start testing the 'private likes' count on some accounts all over the world. The company explained in a statement on Twitter that they want to ‘learn more from their global community’ about making this huge change. (Much appreciated.)

So far some users in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan and even the UAE have experienced the temporary change on their feed and most of the feedback has been positive (I think it’s a great idea, too.)

But even though this might be great for most of us, many content creators wonder how they’ll be able to statistically show value to brands for adverts and collabs. It’s a tricky situation but Instagram is working on it and we can help by giving honest feedback. That includes YOU too.


Other than that, Instagram is its usual self with fun memes, cute selfies and fun IGTVs…for now. You can get back to scrolling now.