Jaclyn Hill Is Back With A Brand New Holiday Makeup Collection

Spoiler: there are no lipsticks.
 Jaclyn Hill Is Back With A Brand New Holiday Makeup Collection

Whew it's been a year for Jaclyn Hill. The YouTuber turned beauty business woman has had to deal with more than most. So much drama has gone down, we could have literally written a book.

For those not in the know - you should probs pull up a chair. Ah, where to start. Jaclyn's initial makeup launch (which will be remembered for all the wrong reasons) was, unfortunately, a bit of a flop.

Fans found bits of hair, grit, lumps and other unidentified objects in the lipsticks. Consequently, Jaclyn had to (rather swiftly) pull the plug on the range, which was shortly followed by a social media hiatus.

But, in true Jaclyn form, she's managed to take it all in her stride, see it as a lesson and now she's back with a brand spanking new makeup collection - one which she promises will be better than her last.

Please welcome the Holiday Collection. Yup, it's here - and you'll notice there isn't a lip product in sight. Coincidence? We think not.

Revealing the new range over on her YouTube channel, Jaclyn started off by saying that she's "so beyond excited, [I feel] so confident and so nervous at the exact same time." Watch the full reveal video here.

First impressions, there's definitely a focus on amping up your glow (there are three highlighters!!) we already dig it. Here's everything in the collection...

  • Beaming Light Highlighter Brush
  • Accent Light Highlighter Brush
  • Beaming Light Loose Highlighter
  • Mood Light Luminous Powder
  • Accent Light Highlighter Palette: The Flash
  • Accent Light Highlighter Palette: The Flare
  • Mood Light Powder Brush

If, like us you're already lusting after the goods, head over to JaclynHillCosmetics.com on the 26th of November, when everything drops. Or, tactically put it on your Christmas list? Yeah, that.

H/T Cosmo UK