A Friends Reunion Is Actually Happening And We’re Freaking Out

Could we BE any more excited?
A Friends Reunion Is Actually Happening And We’re Freaking Out
Savanna Smith -

OK so here’s the thing: we’ve heard hundreds of rumours in the past about Friends reunions, movies and spin-offs, and every time they’re shut down by one of the cast members – killing our hopes and dreams.

But this time it may actually be happening! According to various sources, HBO Max is working on a Friends reunion featuring all six original cast members. I KNOW!


Apparently it’ll be an unscripted special produced by OG creators Marta Kauffman and David Crane, and we’re all wondering whether this is what Jennifer Aniston was teasing us with when she revealed on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert that “We’re working on something… something is happening”. Plus, our FBI work makes us believe that maybe this reunion is why we’ve been seeing a lot more pics of the gang on Instagram lately.

For now, it seems they’re still talking about the idea and working out how to get all six friends together without schedule clashes, but it’s the closest they’ve ever been to a reunion so we’re super hopeful.

HBO Max launches in 2020 and will be Friends’ new home once they leave Netflix (boo!) and will also be showing the new Gossip Girl reboot. Fingers crossed we get it in the Middle East!