New Rules Mean We'll Soon Be Able To Drink Tap Water In Dubai Restos

I'm impressed
New Rules Mean We'll Soon Be Able To Drink Tap Water In Dubai Restos

Okay guys, good news for your wallet AND the environment. 

The Dubai Food Code was created back in 2013 to ensure safe and hygenic distribution and consumptions of F&B in the city. Since then, the Dubai Municipality has updated it and the new regulation is pretty impressive.


Officials say that in 2020, (less than a month to go) hotels and restaurants will offer customers filtered tap water as an alternative to bottled drinking water.

News flash guys, filtered tap water is offered nearly everywhere in the world.

In other countries filtered tap water isn’t usually charged for, so it’s doubtful that restaurants here would charge for it. (I hope not.)

Reducing the amount of bottles used in restaurants and hotels will reduce plastic consumption too which will SAVE. OUR. DYING. PLANET. 

  • You save your money by not paying for expensive bottled water. 
  • You get to stay hydrated for FREE when you go out. 
  • And you reduce plastic consumption.

Guys, it’s a win-win-win situation.


For all those skeptics out there, don't worry, the Dubai Municipality is going to run routine tests at restaurants and hotels to make sure the filtered tap water they serve you is safe to drink.

For more info, check out this the Food Code by the Dubai Municipality.