How To Get Everything You Want

Bestselling author and Celebrity Transformational Coach Regan Hillyer gives you quick tips on getting your life on track!
How To Get Everything You Want

Do you ever look in the mirror and tell yourself you’re not good enough? That your dreams are so far out of your reach that you may as well not try? If you (like me, and almost everyone I know) have ever lacked in the confidence department, then this is just the practical pick-me-up you need. It's hard to actually buck up and believe in yourself, no matter how amazing you really are. That’s where Regan steps in. One of the world’s leading Mindset Coaches and Celebrity Transformationalists, she has impacted millions of lives around the globe through her evocative speeches, powerful workshops, best-selling book, and behaviour disrupting tools - cementing her as a thought leader in the wellness space. As a result, at only 28, she’s grown her brand into a multi seven-figure business doing what she loves to do.

Regan was in deep debt when she quit her architecture degree to pursue her dreams. Nothing was working the way she planned till she heard the most awesome and hard hitting words of wisdom: It’s what’s on the inside that counts. So she dug deep and is now scaling great heights fuelled by purpose and self-belief. She shares step-by-step guide to bring abundance into your life too:

1. Get clear on your vision and what you actually want. If you were to be totally unapologetic and get raw and real with what you desire to create in your life, what would be going on? Take a deep breath, close your eyes and pay attention.

2. Expand your capacity to receive. We are only able to receive the abundance that we have the capacity to hold. In order to expand your capacity to receive, you must start connecting to an even bigger vision. Ask yourself: If the vision that you got clear on in step #1 was already your reality, what would you vision then be? What’s your next vision? Your vision beyond your vision?

3. Clear out the resistance that’s been blocking you or stopping you from stepping into this bigger vision. What are the fears, the self-sabotage patterns, the self-doubt, the scarcity patters, all of it that have been stopping you? Write them down and then choose to release you.

4. Align your unconscious mind with your vision. If you aren’t aligning your conscious mind to receive abundance, it will slow down the process. Craft a new belief system. Ask yourself: If I was to manifest the next level of my abundance, what would I choose to believe? I choose to believe that it is easy… I choose to believe that it is possible… I choose to believe that abundance is my birth right etc.

5. Shift your identity. We don’t get in life what we do, but we do get what we choose to BE. How does the most abundant version of you choose to show up? How do they walk, talk, think and act?

6. Take massive aligned action towards your vision. This is where you focus all of this internal work into the action. Ask yourself: If I was to speed up the abundance manifestation process, what would I choose to be doing right now? Write those things down and then take action on them. For example, launch that product. Call that person. Say yes to that opportunity….