This Is The Perfect Way To Release Your Stress Before The Holiday

Get your squad, it is time to break down some walls
This Is The Perfect Way To Release Your Stress Before The Holiday

Is it just me or have we all wanted to smash something at some point? You know those days when you lose your card, your co-worker is annoying you and things just aren't going as planned, and the only thing you want to do is pick up a mug (or your phone) and throw it at the wall. Girl, you're not the only one who feels like that.

We found an outlet that safely lets you unleash your anger and frustration by smashing your stress into bits. The Smash Room helps you de-stress by throwing objects at a wall and trust us - it feels SO GOOD! It gets better... in collaboration with Dubai Tourism, The Smash Room is offering 38 per cent off its premium package. You're about to have the most stress-free holiday ever.

Enjoy the premium package called ‘Two 2 Tango’ for Dhs247 instead of the usual Dhs399. This package allows two people in a room with access to 30 glass objects and 2 electronics. Head to The Smash Room at Al Quoz or the new location at The Last Exit, Mad X to get smashing!

Other packages include:
• The Quickie: You can smash 10 glass items.
• Smash N Dash: You smash 15 glass and 1 electronic item.
• The Big Bang: You get to smash 20 glass items and 2 electronics.
• The 3 Sum: 45 glass items and 3 electronics.

For more info, visit their website here.