Rent Designer Clothes For Affordable Prices In Dubai

Slay all night while you save that coin!
Rent Designer Clothes For Affordable Prices In Dubai

The festive season is approaching us and that means lots of parties and events to go to. Getting ready for them can be stressful and exciting all the same time. From selecting the outfit, to getting your hair and makeup's a lot of fun, a lot of work and can get VERY expensive. Don't lie to yourself, you end up using that gown just ONCE and it collects dust in your closet for years. What's the point in that?

Instead, you can rent a luxury designer outfit for a fraction of the retail price. Just imagine, everyone gasps as you walk by rocking your OOTD/N like you own it. (But, you don't.) You can look chic and glamorous without breaking the bank and shoving it into your cramped closet. You'd also be ecofriendly without evening thinking about it. By spending on clothes that are already in circulation rather than brand new pieces, you reduce fabric waste in landfills, hence, helping save the environment. So for your next special occasion, fancy renting your look? Here are the best places to check out. 

1.  Designer - 24

D24 is a brand that wants to make luxury fashion more accessible. They get beautiful pieces from international designers like Alexander McQueen, Nicole Miller and Self-Portrait for rent. The great thing about renting clothes is that they are for the fraction of the retail price. *Hello savings!* You rent a dress for three, five, eight or 30 days and it's delivered straight to your house already dry cleaned and steamed. If you're doubtful of the fit or size, you get a free trials for FREE at home OR you can come to their showroom. (How luxurious is that?)  Designer - 24 takes it a step further by giving you the option to have a backup size given to you for FREE if you're still unsure of the size. (Now that's customer service. WOW.) 

2. The Mode

The company is trying to shine a light on sustainability by adapting the rent-love-return model for luxury designer fashion. Not only is it good for the environment, but, gives you variation in their wardrobe and makes designer wear affordable. They have some really great designers like Shona Joy, Bec & Bridge and Alice McCall with pieces that are trendy and G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S. You can rent up to three dresses per order and can keep them for three to sevendays. And don't worry ladies, all the dresses are dry cleaned and taken care of before and after your rental so it's ready-to-wear the minute your recieve it at your door step! FYI, The Mode also offers rental packages where you can select pieces and keep them for 10 days with free delivery so you can keep refreshing your closet and slaying all day and all night. 

3. My Next Dress

There's a better way to spend your money than buying a dress that you're only going to wear once. My Next Dress saves not just your money but your closet space too. (Who has space for those big, poofy gowns?) The brand focuses on being more aware of fabric waste and its harmful effects to the environment by encouraging women to share and reuse their apparel. All the apparel on rent are from international houses of fashion like Chanel, Versace and Prada. The girl boss and fashionista in you can become a supplier too! If you have luxury designer outfits that you've never/barely worn, you can rent them out on the My Next Dress website! *Cha-ching!* By doing this, you're giving another woman an OOTD that she feels confident and beautiful in. 

4. House of MC

Unleash your inner diva at the House of MC. It's a rental and shoppnig 'Maison' at Dubai Design District where you can get ready with a glam squad. From hair, makeup, jewelry and your dress...the team takes care of everything. They have stunning gowns, cocktail dresses and jumpsuits by luxury designers like Dior, Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana for less than the original price. HMC wants to empower boss ladies by making them feel and look glamorous from head-to-toe. You can meet the in-house styling consultants during your trial and rent the outfit for up to three days AND, there are tailors at their 'maison' who will can make temporary alterations for the dress to fit like it was made just for you.  

5. SW One Fashion

This place is the headquarters for all things EXTRA. If you're going for a special occasion and need an OTT look, SW One is the place to go to. PLUS, you can also get your hair and make up done so it's a one-stop-shop to get your OOTD/N done. (YAASSS! Count me in.)They have a website that showcases their luxury designer garmets, but for pricing and trials, you can visit their showroom on Al Wasl Road. They have pieces by famous fashion houses like Ellie Saab, Oscar De La Renta and Roberto Cavalli which are just a few out of their amazing collection. If you need some fashion inspo, check out their blog about the latest events and trends in the industry. It's fab.