Expert Tips to Declutter Your Space

It's easier than you think!
 Expert Tips to Declutter Your Space

What do you do when you can’t reach out to Marie Kondo to give you one on one advice on how to organise clutter in your living space? Consult a local expert! Meet Shelina Jokhiya, the founder of Decluttrme, a licenced home and office organising service company which is the only one of its kind in the region. Isn't that awesome?

Anyway, I had the pleasure of chatting with her about simple cleaning habits and the benefits of decluttering one's space. If you struggle controlling clutter around your home, take notes.

Here’s her advice on how you can started. These will come in handy especially if you’re a busy person:

• What are some of the easy habits busy people can implement in order to have a clean and organised space?

I always suggest that if you want to start decluttering and organising, start small. This involves spending 15 to 20 minutes a day on a small section, decluttering the items in that space and then anything that is to stay, organising it into its correct space. An easy place to start is your coffee table or junk drawer. Then move onto the next drawer or cupboard or shelf.

• Are there things you would recommend for people to add into their homes to help them declutter?

Of course. Don’t buy more things if it’s going to become clutter. Some key paper, plastic or rattan boxes can be great to store items in your house such as accessories, pantry items in the kitchen and memorbilia. But only buy when you need them. Don’t buy lots and then not use them. Each organising item should have a purpose and not be complicated to use. There is no use getting a t-shirt organiser if it is frustrating to fold the t-shirts and stack them in the organiser.

• What are some of the benefits of decluttering?

By decluttering, you remove the clutter cloud over your head. You will feel less stressed, overwhelmed and tired. Waking up to a cluttered bedroom can get you upset and stressed before you even left the house and got onto the road. Why do that to yourself. I have often seen clients look physically lifted and happy after decluttering with me. That brings me so much happiness to see and what we should all feel. Clutter free, happy and light.


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