Sheikh Mohammed just issued the Ultimate Social Media Guidelines

Yup! You read right!
Sheikh Mohammed just issued the Ultimate Social Media Guidelines

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Welp! It looks like we‘re not the only ones tired of social media trolls. His Royal Highness Sheikh Mohammed is also tired of trolling on Social media. Earlier this week, he shared 10 strict guidelines to be adhered to by citizens of the UAE when using social media.

These guidelines come one month after his open letter to the residents and citizens of the UAE. In the letter that was released in September, his royal highness implored everyone to act in a way that wouldn’t tarnish the long standing reputation and credibility upheld for over 45 years.

In his words, “messing around and stirring up chaos on social media wastes achievements for which thousands of teams worked so hard to realize. The reputation of the UAE is a red line and not to be used by anyone who wants to get more followers.”

These are Sheikh Mohammed’s ten guidelines for social media users:

1. A person who represents Sheikh Zayed, the UAE’s founding father, and his principles when interacting with others.

2. A person who always shows the knowledge, culture and the level and sophistication of civilization achieved by the UAE.

3. A person who refrains insults, foul language or any other word that’s indecent.

4. A person who uses logic and reasoning in their conversations.

5. Someone who appreciates a good word, a beautiful picture and interacts with positivity, cultures and societies.

6. A person who helps others by sharing information, ideas, social and human initiatives that benefits the country.

7. A person who gets involved with his/her international surroundings, speaks its language, deals with its issues and positively interacts with its future.

8. A confident person who accepts differences and builds good relationships with other people.

9. A person who reflects the humble nature and love of Emiratis, and the love and openness towards others.

10. A person who adores the nation, is always proud of it, and would sacrifice for it.

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