What We Learned At Cosmo Careers, 2019

How to find a job you love, cope with stress, and a whole lot more!
What We Learned At Cosmo Careers, 2019

Cosmo Careers, a day-long career session, happened on the 29th of Oct with some of the region's most successful women speaking on a panel about how to get a leg up in the industry.

You can see what happened here. It was entertaining and enlightening, but we also learnt LOADS. So here's a list of a few things to get you ahead in your career, as brought to you by Cosmo Careers. 

Business & Technology

Panellists (L-R):

  • Gita Ghaemmaghami: Tiktok's regional communications director
  • Gbemi Giwa: Local entrepreneur and social media influencer (in the middle)
  • Madiha Sattar: Head of verticals at Careem 
  • Moderated by Kavita Srinivasan: Editor in Chief, Cosmopolitan ME


The day kicked off with the business and technology session whereby the panellist shared their journey on how they became successful in their field of work and lessons they've learned along the way. From how to start a business to managing it even in the most difficult situations, the insights were mind blowing.

Gita Ghaemmaghami shared insights on remaining calm and taking charge when a business is in trouble. She says that it’s important to nurture problem solving skills (this skill will not only save you in your career, but will also come in handy in your personal life).

Gbemi Giwa emphasised how young people can turn their passion into a business through tricks and tips on social media. A dance coach, restaurant owner and a content creator, her journey has been organic and she's always stuck to a plan.

When it comes to applying for jobs, Madiha Sattar highlighted that it is important for young people to have relevant experience in the field one is applying for. Internships are a good way to get you started. Also, demonstrating an entrepreneurial spirit in life is something most companies are looking for. When applying for internships, try and work for larger, brand named companies -- they hold you in good stead.

If you want to start a business, here is a summary of the experts’ advice:

-Find a problem you would like to solve or identify your passion.
-Make a strategic plan on how to turn your idea into reality. And remember to consult people with more experience than you do.
-Take the risk (FYI, you will learn as you go. You don’t have to have everything figured out)

Media & Communications

Panellists (L-R):


During this session, female bosses from across different platforms provided insights on the changing media industry.

Jade Worsley shared on her journey of being a radio presenter. For those who want to get in the radio industry, start creating podcasts and make the most out of every opportunity. She started doing radio during her teens at a small local hospital (so, don’t be afraid to start small). She later worked her work up and has worked with major brands including the BBC.

Azza spoke on the importance of taking risks. Before joining MBC group as a presenter, she worked at a small TV station. She highlighted that she wasn’t confident that she would secure a role at a major TV station given her work experience. Her advice to young people is to take risks even when in doubt.

Our very own Cosmopolitan Editor in Chief, Kavita Srinivasan, spoke on the importance of being a multimedia expert. With the world of media ever evolving, writers and journalists need to master how to utilise other platforms such as social media so as to be effective. She also pointed out social media can be a useful tool in showcasing talent and creativity. Whether it is in the form of a blog, videos, podcasts, the digital platforms will surely set you apart in applying for your dream job. But be careful what you put up!

Psychology & Health Sciences



When you take care of what is within, the outside automatically sorts itself out. These amazing experts enlightened the audience with tips on how to take care of your mental and emotional needs.

  • Write your thoughts down, recommends by Regan Hillyer
  • Stay in the moment and be curious. Don't stifle your mind with rules, said Dr Saliha Afridi
  • Practice breathing exercises and learn to be more mindful and be present, recommends by Soniyaa Kiran Punjabi

Being aware of how you're feeling is extremely important. Don't ignore it and ask for help!

General Highlights

Here's a summary on how you can get started on building your career:

  • Go to networking events and make connections.
  • If you're in university, reach out to your professors and the career department.
  • Use social media to showcase your work.
  • Establish relationships while you're in university to help you get a foot in the door
  • Internships are an invaluable experience, make the most of them!

Social Session

Networking, socialising and a bit of snacking were also part of this incredible day! Thank you to all the panelists, event organisers and the participants that joined us. We hope you had as much fun as we did:)

See you at our next Cosmo Careers event!