Find Your Last Minute Halloween Costume In Dubai

Last minute shopping done right
Find Your Last Minute Halloween Costume In Dubai

Halloween is the time of year where you get to be creative and have fun dressing up as some of your fave characters from movies, stories and TV shows. But, it’s important to get the look right.

We are less than 48 hours away from Halloween 2019 and if you STILL haven’t bought your costume, here are 4 places you can count on.

1. Mr. Ben’s Costume Closet

The shop sells fantastic costumes all year round, for all ages. If you don’t want to purchase a costume, you can even rent one out. The costumes are always dry cleaned and are in perfect condition. Mr. Ben’s Costume Closet have some props and accessories for you too and they are located in Dubai Studio City.

2. Mystique

Mystique is all things Halloween. You can buy any costume from story themed characters to fun onesies. They have really cool props and make up to make your look even spookier like fake blood, scary masks and coloured contact lenses. You can shop for your outfits online or you can visit them at their two branches: Al Barsha 1 and Jumeirah 1. 

3. Party Center

Quite a self-explanatory name but just in case you missed the memo, it’s a store that has everything imaginable for every kind of party. The Party Center has been in Dubai for a very long time and it has the best decorations, balloons, paper plates and costumes you can imagine. If I ever have a theme party at home, I get most of my stuff from this place.  So, when it comes to costumes, you can just imagine how many there are. You can pick up your costume from their branches in Media City or Al Garhoud. 

4. Creative Minds

Creative Minds is DIY heaven! They have every tool, accessory, frame, prop or bead you will ever need to make create something for your wardrobe or home. Creative Minds is a huge store so their Halloween collection is massive. From props to costumes and even Halloween piñatas; they’ve pulled all the stops for this spooky season and I can’t get enough of it. You can even get a little creative make your own costume if you fancy! You can get all your shopping done at their branches in: Al Barsha 2 and The Beach Center on Jumeirah Beach Road.

You can thank me later...