15 Easy Hairstyles That Anyone Can Do (Even You)

No matter your hair type, or length...
15 Easy Hairstyles That Anyone Can Do (Even You)

If staying in bed an extra half an hour is more tempting than blow drying and styling your hair, we totally get it. Which is why we’ve rounded up 15 of the easiest hairstyles to make your co-workers wonder how you look well rested AND put together while they’re clinging onto that coffee.

Whatever your hair type, length, or (more importantly) ability, we've got the top knot, hair accessory, or sleek bun to suit you.

Extra sleep plus extra style…sold!

1 Half Up Half Down 

Just add an extra 30 seconds on to your half up, half down look and tie together with a ribbon for added impact.

2 Wrap It Up 

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Hair scarves are a fail safe every time, turning any bad hair day around in less than two minutes.

3 Matted Mayhem

Everyone wants to feel the wind in their hair... unless it's the breeze off the central line. This quick half up, half down look takes that messy bun literally but in a chic way.

4 Get A Grip 

Easy hair with all the glam? Pull back into an ultra sleek pony and pile on the clips, more is more.

5 Ballet Bun 

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Nothing is more timeless than this style, but keeping it ballet dancer smooth is the key. Brush strands through and up for a snatched bun.

6 Knot Like This 

Made for longer hair, simply tie your two front strands together and secure with a couple of kirby grips - not even a hairband is needed.

7 Slide Away

If hair slides were your favourite back in primary school, it's time to bring them back. Pick up a couple from your favourite brand for last minute elevation.

8 Brave The Braid 

Even the most butter fingered can try this. Start off with your back to basics three strand braid and tie with a clear elastic.

9 Upper East Style

The return of the hairband fills us with joy in so many ways, mainly because Blair Waldorf remains one of our beauty icons. For short, long and everything in-between, you need a chunky one in your life, like now.

10 Scrunchie Time 


Back to the playground, pick a bold, velvet scrunchie to add that pop of colour.

11 Serious Side Parting 

When it comes to short hair, you may start to feel a bit uninspired. Get your glam back with this serious side parting.

12 Pony Time 

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As Ariana Grande proves, a high pony is an easy winner. Upgrade yours by wrapping a section of hair around your elastic.

13 Knot Around 

This slightly chunkier bun know will definitely require some carefully placed kirby gribs.

14 Put A Bow On It 

For those blessed with corkscrew curls, let them be the star of the show and just add a simple ribbon or bow.

15 Baby Bantus 

Bantu knots are a style that never go out of fashion, try using two mirrors so you can see the back of your head whilst knotting.

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