5 Ultimate Millennial Tips on Saving Money

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5 Ultimate Millennial Tips on Saving Money

The times I’ve walked into a mall planning to just buy a pair of pants and ended up with bags of things I can’t even remember needing, are uncountable. We’ve all been there. Haven’t we?

This year, I made a vow to only shop for clothes once. I’m still fighting the urge to go on a shopping spree (haha). Your girl is waiting for the big sale in Jan-Feb to stock up on different essentials.

After not shopping for a while, I can say the sacrifice was so worth it. Girl, money looks so much better in the account.

These tips really helped me out in becoming disciplined with my cash while still spending some on a little fun.You may not be a shopaholic, but everyone need to learn how to save money. Let’s get started.

1. Avoid paying large amount for rent

Yes, we all want to live in a fancy place and have Instagram worthy decors. You can still have that but be smart about your budget. If you can’t afford the apartment you really want, find an alternative in another area for a cheaper price. Rents are going down and you may find something that suits your budget. For furniture and décor, get second hand items for a really good price. This has saved me a whole lot of money y’all. But if you want to go all brand new, wait on a sale or find alternative shopping places in areas like Deira or Satwa.

2. Avoid getting an expensive car

Hear me out for a sec, I love cars and I would love to drive a Ferrari. But, I am not Beyoncé yet! So I use what I got and I keep hustling. Think about what is really important to you at the moment. If all you need is to commute from one place to the next, then use what is available to you within your budget. Public transportation in Dubai is great. Make the most out of that. The weather getting better, so if you can walk, cycle or get on a scooter, all the better!


3. Create a budget

I can’t stress enough the importance of keeping track on what you are spend your money on. Every month, I create a simple budget just to have an overview of what my expenses are. I prioritize the most important payments, then allocate some cash for some fun. Another helpful tip? You might not want to place cash (especially large bills) in your pocket.

4. Make best use of what you got

I have had a lot of broke days and these golden times have taught me a thing or two about surviving when you got no cash.  First of all don’t overspend on food. Cook at home (who knew steamed rice and tomato stew could be delicious! lol). If you need a closet update, check out awesome DIYs. The things you learn on the internet are just amazing. For a fun movie night, find something on Tv/Netflix and get comfy in your pjs.


5. Save as much as you can

If you don’t have a bank account, get a piggy bank. No excuses. Make an effort to put away much as you can. You can start with just 10% of your income. It may not seem much at first but you will thank yourself later.

And that’s how you become a millionaire (lol). Just remember: