Style and Accessorize Pants Suits with These 8 Awesome Tips

This is how you rock pant suits
Style and Accessorize Pants Suits with These 8 Awesome Tips

The style that has endured the test of time is the pant suits trend.

From celebs at the gala to top fashion influencers, you can never go wrong with a perfectly tailored suit. Here are tips that will make people go "wow" when you put on your suit.

1. Red lips and some shades

I couldn’t help but fall in love with this look. You’ve got an all-white suit? Throw in some big shades and get your fav shade of red lipstick. You can also tie your hair in a sleek pony tail for sassy vibe. This look will make you command attention in the room with every click of your heels.

2. Less is more

For flowery/bold patterns, go easy on accessories. A simple watch and all natural make up look ought to do it.  So effortless and chic.

3. Crop tops

I’ve been working out latetly and I can’t wait to show off my skinny waist. I know now what am I am wearing to brunch this weekend (lol).

4. Get lacey

Girl night out?  Get a cute lace cami that matches your outfit for a feminine touch.

5. Slide in some boots

OMG, I’m definitely trying this out.  Who knew boots go so well pant suits. So edgy and classy. YASS! Thanks Kim K.

6. Sneakers

Dressing down never looked so good.  Combine a simple t-shirt and comfy sneakers and vouloir, you are ready to go!

7. Pajama

Get in on the pajama trend guys. I know I am! Cute heels, some bling-bling and some cool shades and there you have it! A trendy look you can wear to the gala.

8. Cute hat

Nothing screams fancy as this look. So sophisticated and chic. I’m joining Queen B on this look. Who’s with me?

Go all out and add a little spin of your style. Have fun!