5 Sneakers For Guys Under Dhs200

Awesome sneakers for college, parties and dates
5 Sneakers For Guys Under Dhs200

Lifestyle and athletic sneakers have become a trendy piece to rock for guys and girls. We speak a lot about what us ladies can get a good deal for, but not enough about what the guys can. So here are 5 great sneakers for all you guys out there.

1. Converse Courtland Ox Shoe 


Converse shoes should be a staple in everyone's wardrobes. These sneakers are a classic and can go with anything. The two different textures will give your look the perfect mix of stylish and edgy. I think you could wear this pair to college or even on a road trip with your squad.

2. Jack and Jones Mike Mesh Sneakers


These sneakers have breathable material so give you as much comfort as possible. You can move around easily in them and plus they're blue! It makes a statement with any outfit and could add a pop of colour to a monotoned look. 

3. Puma Men's Smash V2 Leather Shoe 


Puma has been killing with their new designs and collabs lately so it won't surprise me if these shoes sell out fast. This pair is a lifestyle sneaker and would look really good on a smart-casual look, or on date night.

4. Adidas Men's Runfalcon Shoe 


I think almost everyone loves an Adidas shoe. This amazing pair is a lightweight running shoe that looks super comfy and would go with any outfit. If you're not going for a run, you could even wear denim jeans with a white t-shirt and it would look fresh and on-point. 

5. Seventy Five Chunky Sneakers 


Chunky sneakers is the new trend that everyone is getting on. You can wear them with anything you like and it just works.What's so cool about these kicks is that they have a cushioned footbed for comfort and a real cool colour palette. 

So there you go! Five different brands, five cool sneakers, all under Dhs200. 

These sneakers are timeless and you can rock all of them in college, at a party or even on a date!