15 Fun DIY Halloween Costumes If You Wanna Nail Your Outfit

All it takes is some Amazon shopping—and maybe a lil paint.
15 Fun DIY Halloween Costumes If You Wanna Nail Your Outfit

No one likes spending a bunch of money for one spooky night, right?? (Or maybe they do, IDK!) The point is, if you're still trying to figure out your Halloween costume, there are so many ideas out there that don't require a ton of work or cash. You can DIY them with smart shopping—or just using clothes already in your closet—and some makeup, cardboard, and a little creativity. You got this! If you want to make an effort, but also save some serious $$$ (I get it, girl!), these ideas are proof that an amazing ensemble for the night is super easy to make yourself or even with your group of friends! Here, 15 DIY costumes to get into the (crafty) Halloween spirit.

1.The '70s

Why go as one person when you can go as a whole decade? Taraji P. Henson looked like a '70s babe in flared jeans, oversized glasses, and a studded denim jacket.

2.Ariana Grande

Get a super short (and super pink) mini, some over-the-knee boots, and hike that ponytail real high to transform into the "thank u, next" singer.

3.Morticia Addams

A dramatic smoky eye, red lips, and a long-sleeve black dress with a slit makes you Morticia for the night. And if your S.O. wants in, all they need is a pinstripe suit and a pencil mustache made with eyeliner.

4.Joan Jett

Break out your best black band tee, matching pants, and silver chain. Then buy a black wig to complete the rock 'n' roll lewk.

5.A Unicorn

Pile on ALL the glitter (in your hair, on your face, on your body), wear your energy crystals, and plop a unicorn horn on your head to be the most magical creature on Halloween.

6.Rosie the Riveter

Even Queen Bey has donned this classic (and cheap!) number. All you need to dress up as the feminist icon is a red bandana, a chambray shirt, and 1940s-inspired makeup. Oh, and a toned bicep when you pose for your Instagram.

7.Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's

Pair your fave sleeveless LBD with black heels, borrow a long strand of pearls if you don't already have one, and top the outfit with little purchases from a costume store: tiara, cigarette holder, and long black gloves.

8.Party Animal

Lauren Conrad and crew make this costume look expensive, but you can make it for no money at all! Wear a dress—long or short, doesn't matter—with a set of animal ears like Conrad, or dress up as an animal, and wear a party hat on top. It goes both ways!


Throw on a pair of light-wash jeans or overalls, your favorite fall flannel, and boots. All you'll need to buy is face paint (because, seriously, who has that lying around?) and a wide-brimmed hat or straw hat.

10.Regina George From Mean Girls

White tank with boob holes + purple tank layered beneath with a black skirt = a timeless costume.

11. Tooth Fairy

Pair your finest white ensemble with inexpensive fairy wings and a wand you get at a costume store. Then, glue a cutout of a tooth to the top of the wand.

12.Chill Pill

Grab a pink skirt, white shirt, and give yourself 10 minutes to cut the word "chill" out of paper and tape it to your clothes. Talk about chill...and cheap!

13.Cotton Candy

This costume requires a quick trip to your local fabric store to purchase stuffing, pink or blue spray pant, and a hot-glue gun. Grab construction paper and a headband, then follow this free tutorial.

14.Wednesday Addams

From your closet, pull a white button down, long-sleeve black dress, and black tights. Braid your hair into two pigtails for the full Addams effect.

15. Unicorn Frappes

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Before the Unicorn Frappucino was even a thing, these two dressed up as the Starbucks Strawberry Cream Frappe. Follow their lead, then add an extra ~*unicorny*~ twist by tie-dying a white dress pink and blue, wearing a fluffy white scarf, and attaching a printed-off Starbucks logo to your stomach. Add extra authenticity by painting an empty paper towel roll green and attaching it to a headband with even more white fluff.

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