Three Awesome FREE Apps That Will Make You More Productive

Boss up, girls.
Three Awesome FREE Apps That Will Make You More Productive

Feeling overwhelmed as work piles up? We all want to get things done but let’s face it, it can get tough at times. Before you give up, imagine this: You’ve just woken up, your morning routine is set and plan for the day is done. You know exactly what you want and how to make it happen. Too good to be true? This could be your reality thanks to the magic of technology. Try these transformational apps that will enable you to slay your day:

1. Forest

Distractions, distractions! The number one enemy of productivity. With forest, you can remain focus on your set task. Whenever you pick up your phone to check any notification, it reminds you to ‘put your phone down’. You can time yourself, play some calming background music and guess what? Every time you accomplish a goal, you grow a tree and the app keeps a track of your productivity in form of a ‘forest’. 

2. Remente

Motivation, clear focus and a clear track of what is important to you is just the beginning of what this app has to offer. You can set goals, have access to tips on how to be productive, track your personal and professional development, among others. 

3. Todoist

If you’re a list lover, you need to get Todoist. This app is versatile, nifty and did I mention it looks really good. Users can create projects/ a full checklist and keep a track of everything in one place. No more forgetting the things again.