Liam Hemsworth Is Reportedly "Taking It Slow" with New Flame Maddison Brown

But he also really likes her!
Liam Hemsworth Is Reportedly "Taking It Slow" with New Flame Maddison Brown
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On Thursday, news broke that Liam Hemsworth is seeing Australian actress Maddison Brown, and since then the internet has basically imploded. Her Instagram was also absolutely flooded with comments about her new relationship. Basically, the people have no chill!

And now that Liam fans are freaking out over this development, sources are also starting to spill about the relationship details. One insider tells People, “It’s very new. Liam is taking it slow but he’s definitely interested in her.” Another source shares with Us, "He’s so into Maddison and really likes her. Liam feels like Maddison gets him and understands him, partly because she is also Australian. They also both share similar senses of humor...Spending time with Maddison has been natural, fun and easy for Liam." They go on to add that Liam has been "trying to move on from Miley with the encouragement of his family."

And from the looks of Liam's recent sidewalk makeout/PDA sesh with Maddison , it seems like he's taking this "move on from Miley" goal quite seriously! Not that Miley will be too upset about Liam moving on—she's apparently "very happy and very in love" with her new boyfriend Cody Simpson.

In other words: Both Miley and Liam and thriving post divorce, thanks for asking!

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