Sofia Richie’s Taking A Stand For The Planet With Her #OOTD

It’s totally refreshing…
Sofia Richie’s Taking A Stand For The Planet With Her #OOTD
Sofia Richie

So we’ve seen Sofia be a supportive GF on KUWTK and she’s #goals when it comes to serving up amazing looks on Instagram all day, every day, but WOW! yesterday we saw a completely different side of her. She took a stand for something she believed in and did it so effortlessly while STILL looking super-hot.

Sofia wore an edgy denim jacket with the Coca Cola logo on it. At first glance, it just looks like a really cool oversized jacket, but there’s SO much more to it. The jacket is actually made of recycled plastic bottles and cotton. YAAASSSS! All hail sustainable fashion!
It’s unisex and a part of the ReCollection capsule line by DieselxCocaCola and we’re so here for it. The ReCollection line even has swimwear for the summer and really cute beanies for the winter completely made of recycled material. Cool, right? Well, the project was a proactive way for both the brands to raise awareness on the importance of recycling…something we should all be doing.
It’s time we all took part in saving the Earth, and fashion is a huge pollutant. Choose what you wear wisely, girls. Do your research, ask questions, and splurge on brands that are truly working towards sustainability.
And you too, like Sofia can wear outfits that slay and save the Planet (see what I did there? ).