Cosmo Guy Of The Month: Manny Jacinto

After chatting him up, we vote The Good Place and Top Gun: Maverick star next internet boyfriend.
Cosmo Guy Of The Month: Manny Jacinto

Yeah, he's cute and he's also got a cute sensitive side we're totally digging. Here's a little bit about our new crush:

He's Not Afraid To Cry

“The one movie that made me cry when I was younger was Titanic. It was the piece of plywood and Jack floating down to the bottom of the sea – aw, man.
I’d like to stay true to the story and think, No, there wasn’t any room for him. Maybe it couldn’t have held up their weight!”

He's All About that Love Lanuage 

“Having a partner who doesn’t always say yes to you, who contradicts you in a good way, and who gives you criticism to improve yourself
is always better than somebody who is a yes-woman who just agrees with you for the sake of agreeing.”

He's Got Some Great Free Date Ideas

“This is so cheesy... There’s a spot where I go to think on a dock by the water. I brought a girl there, and it was significant because it’s a place that’s personal to me. Oh man, this is like a page out of Dawson’s Creek or something.”

Okay, So There Is A Catch

“I snore, which kind of sucks. I do this thing, and it sounds like a frog. It’s basically a frog noise. At first, my partner tried to let it go, but we’ve established a rule now that whenever I do that, she gets to hit me.”