OMG – Halloween Is Around The Corner And We Are Living For It!

No tricks here – they’re all treats!
OMG – Halloween Is Around The Corner And We Are Living For It!
Image: Unsplash

Spooky season is here! It's a polarising holiday, but love it or hate it Halloween is here to stay.


Prepare for a spooktacular Halloween with Lush’s seasonal offerings to delight and entertain as darkness falls across the land. The completely vegan and cruelty free range will raise your spirits and leave you feeling absolutely gourdgeous. Delve into awesome autumnal baths, spooky showers and paranormal pampers as the nights grow longer and the cold sets in. It’s no trick, they’re all treats! The Lush Halloween 2019 collection will be available on and in Lush shops from October 3, 2019 and in Saudi shops and online from November 7 2019!

Lie back and soak in your cauldron bath tub with these luxurious products.

Punkin Pumpkin Bath Bomb

Beware the things that go punk in the night and fill your bath to the brim with fright. Those eyes that glow in a pitch-black room, belong to the spooks of warm cinnamon. As the night draws in and silence falls, all around you the darkness calls. Don’t look, don’t scream, don’t give it power, cleanse the air with pumpkin powder. The bathroom’s calling, so no more stalling - the witching hour brings nightmares crawling. To make the shadows retreat and recoil, Fizz this ghoul of bright citrus oils.

Monster’s Ball Bath Bomb

A specdracula event awaits. Keep your ghoul and get ready to boogie on down to the bathroom for an enchanting monster mash up of uplifting essential oils. Run your bath and thriller up before revelling in the frightful fizzes of mood beasting neroli as tendrils of soothing olibanum oil keep you grounded. Sit back in the skin-softening Himalayan salt and bathe in glory as energising lime oil keeps you dancing from dusk ‘til dawn.


Keep your outfits creepily cute with these looks.

Dhs200 from Unique Vintage

Dhs312 from eShakti (Pssst... Their dresses have pockets!)


Top of your look with these adorable bits and pieces!

Dhs32 from ASOS

Dhs32 from ASOS


However anti you may feel about Halloween, one massive perk we can ALL agree on is that it's the perfect time to try bold, new looks such as black lipstick or even a darker than normal hue. If they fall flat, just say you were trying something for a costume - it worked like a charm for all my questionable teenage choices.