These Jumpers Will Keep You Warm As The Temperature Drops

Be as hot as your look
These Jumpers Will Keep You Warm As The Temperature Drops
Image: Unsplash

One of the best things about cooler weather is that fashion gets effortless with the right knits. Need to dress up a skirt without loads of layers? Jumper. Slouching around at home? Jumper. Casual Thursday but you don’t want to look sloppy? Jumper.

The first of two key factors to consider when choosing the perfect jumper is texture. That means you’re going to have to take a bit of time and effort to care for your knits, which includes dry cleaning or handwashing and drying flat. No, you can’t just chuck a knit in the washing machine, but caring for it properly will keep its shape keep you looking polished. It’s worth it, I promise. The other is colour. Yes, a black jumper is always classic, but let’s shake it up this winter, okay?

1. Chunky monkey
There is something so comfortable about a thick cable knit jumper. Whether paired with jeans or trousers when you’re out and about, or if you’re in your trakkies as you mooch around the house, a chunky sweater should be a wardrobe staple.

Dhs166 from DesertCart

2. Light and seamless
The perfect in betweener for when the weather isn’t quite committed to winter but there is a distinct chill in the air. Usually fine knit and lightweight, these do require attention and care or they get shapeless very quickly but they’ll thank you by keeping your silhouette sleek as you pair it with a jacket or pashmina.

Dhs129 from Mango

3. Bright and bold
Winter does not have to be drab. Go for a pop of colour with a cerulean soft touch sweater. Don’t worry, this one wasn’t fished out a clearance bin!

Dhs149 from Zara

4. Oversized
An oversized jumper can be really forgiving provided the knit is thin enough to provide movement. Dressed up or down, make sure you’re not swimming in it. Yes, it’s oversized. No, it shouldn’t be a tent.

Dhs110 from Namshi

5. Big sleeves
Perk up your look with an interesting detail like a striking neckline or big sleeves to change up the focus of your outfit.

Dhs138.15 from ASOS

6. V-neck
You’ll never go wrong with a classic V-neck. It is always work appropriate but can also look less stuffy with jeans. Opt for skinny jeans to balance the fabric.

Dhs299 from H&M

7. Comfy cardigan
Let’s be honest for a second… We’ve all had our days where putting a sweater over your head is just too much effort and thankfully a cardigan is the lazy girl’s solution. Available in a range of lengths, knits, and colours, there exists the the perfect option for everyone.

Dhs69 from H&M

8. Fitted ribbed sweater
These are the quickest way to dress up an outfit, but proper layering needs to be done. Consider your underwear and any vests or camis with these because you’ll want the look to be as seamless as possible. The proper care caveat applies here too because you do not want these losing their shape – any bulging or sagging will ruin your look completely.

Dhs119 from Zara