6 Ways To Refresh Your Beauty Routine for Fall

So long, summer!
6 Ways To Refresh Your Beauty Routine for Fall

Ah… Fall in Dubai. The suffocating humidity takes a much needed hiatus, the weather becomes pleasant and pumpkin spice lattes re-emerge to the joy of many – don’t judge! There’s something about the onset of the cooler season that creates the urge to dramatically swipe your entire summer beauty collection off the shelf and into the trash, only to replace it with a fresh new fall routine. But, uh, you don’t have to be so extra about it. Just make these six seasonal product swaps, instead.

Upgrade to a warm, woody fragrance

DSquared2 Wood Pour Femme

Your sweet ‘n fruity eau de parfum is nice and all, but you’re gonna want to warm things up for the season ahead. DSquared Wood for Her nails the vibe with notes of delicate lily of the valley and sexy jasmine, undercut by white wood and cedar.

Translation: It’s woody but not, like, lumberjack woody. More like secret-garden-in-the-forest woody.

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Get ahead of flaky skin

Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte’s Magic Cream

As summer’s high humidity levels drop, your skin might throw a bit of a temper tantrum—complete with dullness, dryness, and even (ugh) flaking—to get what it wants: more moisture. Don’t let it come to this! Switch to a thick, creamy moisturizer ASAP to stop fall flakes before they start.

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Get your arches in order

Hourglass Arch Brow Micro Sculpting Pencil

Sadly, the ultimate lazy-girl beauty hack (hiding unruly arches behind oversized sunglasses all day, every day) isn’t always an option in autumn. It's time to actually, you know, do your brows. Hourglass’ Arch Brow Micro Sculpting Pencil makes it almost as easy as slipping on a pair of sunnies.

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Keep your summer glow going strong

Kevyn Aucoin The Exotique Diamond Eye Gloss

Hot take: There’s nothing prettier than the glow you get from a slight sheen of summer sweat. Don’t @ me—even some designers’ Fall 2019 runways featured shiny lids slicked with eye gloss (AKA a non-sweaty way to keep your summer glow going strong through September). So here for it.

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Take your lipstick down a notch

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick in Freckle Fiesta


Retire your coral lip and stock up on rich earth tones. The trendiest shade of the season is what I once clumsily referred to as “brownish red,” but now know is called “terracotta.” Say it with me: terracotta. Don’t you feel soOoOo sophisticated?!

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Cool it on the sea salt spray

Vernon François Re-Vamp Moisture Spray

After months of damaging chlorine and drying sea salt sprays, your hair could use a little love. A spritz of Vernon François Re-Vamp Moisture Spray will take your strands from straw-like to silky soft faster than you can say, “Venti PSL with extra whip, please.”

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