Kendall Jenner Hilariously Shut Down Khloé Kardashian When She Said They Look Like Twins Now

Think again!
Kendall Jenner Hilariously Shut Down Khloé Kardashian When She Said They Look Like Twins Now

  • Kendall Jenner shut down Khloé Kardashian when she joked that her new blonde hair makes them look like twins.
  • Kendall dyed her hair for London Fashion Weeks and looks like a totally different person.

Kendall Jenner may not have walked in any of the New York Fashion Week shows this year, but she just popped up in London with a totally new look. Kenny ditched her dark brown hair and is a blonde now, and the fashion world cannot handle it. Kendall stole the show on the Burberry runway during her London Fashion Week trip, and now, her fans and Khloé Kardashian are gushing about it all over Twitter.

Yesterday, Khloé responded to a fan who asked her how gorgeous she thinks Kendall looks with blonde hair and said, "She’s so perfect either way!!!!!! I mean now she looks exactly like me" while plugging her Twisted Sisters show.

In case ya haven't seen Kendall's new look, here it is:

And here's Khloé, who is the only other Kardashian-Jenner currently rocking blonde hair:

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Yeah, yeah, we can totally see the resemblance....

When Kendall saw Khloé's tweet, her response was basically a major LOL. She replied, "You wish b*tch."

Ugh, gotta love little sisters.

Kendall's been known to don a blonde wig for fashion—she did it in 2016 for a Balmain show—so this isn't her first time living the blonde life. It's a little hard to tell if she actually dyed her hair this time, but it's possible that this could just be for fashion week and she might be a brunette again after. You never really know! But either way, like Khloé said, she can pull anything off.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to spare my actual hair and try to bleach this Party City wig I picked up last Halloween!

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