All The Fun From Cosmo Welcome Week Day 2

Hello American University in the Emirates!
All The Fun From Cosmo Welcome Week Day 2
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The second day of Welcome Week was just as awesome as the first, with flocks of students thronging at the Cosmo set-up. Set in the heart of Academic City, the bustling vibe was just the kind we’d expect for a fabulous start to the year.

Bath & Body Works Gingham collection was simply decadent. Fresh and luxe scents and skincare that’s just what your skin needs. With deals, discounts and goodies, we’re pretty obsessed with their stuff, as was the crowd.

American Eagle’s stand with its incredible set of curvy jeans was a pretty popular spot. A glitter-tastic selfie wall was the icing on the cake! And students even got a cash voucher to redeem when purchasing the jeans at the store, along with a cool denim bag and pouch that’s trendy anytime and anywhere.

Divine glazed donuts from Krispy Kreme totally hit the sweet spot. Hung on a donut wall with pegs, you could eat as many as you wanted and still get some more! Warning: they’re pretty addictive. Nothing’s better than a fab takeaway. Fujifilm Instax ME took fabulous polaroid’s to make the day a lasting memory. Those alongside Cosmo’s stacked goody bag, capped an awesome day of fun!