I Got A Brazilian Blowout And This Is What Happened

The miracle frizz-banishing treatment promises wash-and-go perfection. But does it damage your hair and how long does it last? Cosmo investigates…
I Got A Brazilian Blowout And This Is What Happened

Born with thick, albeit frizzy hair that has taken on a life of its own during the humid Dubai summer – think Monica from Friends – I sort of gave up on taming it with my unlimited monthly blow-dry package.

Too much heat and styling had transformed mine to a bunch of straw. A friend had recommended I get a Brazilian blowout – a hair taming miracle made for frizz bombs like me that lasts for up to four months! Umm, four months with perfect hair? Sign me up… except, what if it makes my hair more of a mess than it is now?

After a bunch of research, I settled on Blowout Bar at Golden Mile on the Palm. They’ve got a great rep and promised me the unattainable – no frizz, silky smooth perfection that would actually make my hair healthier. On the day of the treatment I arrived pretty excited. I’d been googling images of post-Brazilian blowout hair and yeah, it looked like my good hair dreams were about to come true.

I was told The BBO process takes about two to four hours to apply (depending on your hair length and thickness), and can last anywhere between two to four months (depending on your natural hair and at-home maintenance, such as using the recommended shampoo/conditioner). I have thick shoulder-length hair, which she said would take a little over two hours. Here’s the step-by-step:


1. We started off with a cleansing shampoo, to wash off all elements that may be in the hair, such as conditioner, dust, etc.

2. My stylist then applied the BBO solution onto towel-dried hair, working with small hair sections

3. After the product was applied to the whole head, she then blow dried the hair, still working carefully with small sections. This initial exposure to heat helps activate the treatment, she explained.


4. She then flat ironed my hair (always working with small sections) to lock in the treatment/protective layer. The more she flat ironed, the straighter the hair became. My hair tends to defy any straightener so I specifically requested her to straighten as much as possible without killing all volume.

5. She then washed off the solution with an acai-based shampoo, rough dried the hair, and my hair, if I say so myself, looked like something out of a shampoo advert. A result she promised would happen every
single time!

The entire process was painless, quick and fuss-free. It’s been two weeks since I got the BBO and I’ve got to tell you, it’s been a good hair day every single day. Couldn’t recommend it enough!


1. What is a Brazilian blowout?

The Brazilian Blowout (BBO) is an anti-frizz smoothening treatment. It is a liquid solution that, when applied to the hair and infused with heat, creates a protective protein layer around the hair shaft blocking out humidity and rendering the hair smooth, silky, and free of frizz. Originating in Brazil, the BBO formula includes the infamous acai berry, as well as other ingredients such as camu camu.

The BBO is a gentler formula than many other anti-frizz hair treatments. If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, it does not remove your curl (unlike a traditional keratin straightening treatment). You’ll find your natural curl return after three to four washes! If straight hair is one of the desired results, that can be achieved with more flat ironing.

 2. How should one take care of hair after the treatment?

To care for treated hair and prolong the effects of the BBO, we recommend using the BBO acai-based shampoo, conditioner, masque, and other products. If you don’t have access to these, a sulfate and paraben-free shampoo and conditioner should be used, otherwise the protective layer will strip off the hair strands at a faster rate.

3. Is there anything you shouldn’t do after a blowout?

No, not really. After the BBO treatment, you can wash your hair and go, enjoying smooth, frizz-free happiness. Only considerations come with colour. They recommend doing any colouring or highlighting two weeks after a BBO treatment. If your colour was done before a BBO treatment, it can lighten up, depending on your natural hair and the colour used.

The Blowout Bar, Golden Mile 10, Palm Jumeirah. Price varies by length, thickness and texture of hair (from Dhs1,050). To book an appointment, call 800 BLOWOUT or visit www.blowoutbar.ae