All The Fun From Cosmo Welcome Week Day 1

Abu Dhabi University was the place to be!
All The Fun From Cosmo Welcome Week Day 1
CosmoBy Cosmo -

The Cosmo on Campus tour has taken over Welcome Week this year. We set up an awesome area with fun snacks, fashion, beauty and Insta-worthy backdrops to get the perfect selfie.

For day one of Cosmo On Campus, we made our way to the Abu Dhabi University. And it was def where the party was at! A wall of Krispy Kreme donuts, a trolley load of beauty goodies and giveaways with Bath & Body Works, along with fabulous jeans from American Eagle… it’s no wonder the students were super pumped. The selfie walls and backdrops with Fujifilm Instax Middle East at the ready for awesome polaroids and our recyclable Cosmo bag packed with stuff, were simply everything.

We could spend all day talking about just how much fun we had but we know that you're busy... so, we've made a neat little video for you to check out instead, along with pics of the day.

Next stop… American University in the Emirates!