Nicki Minaj Announced She Is ‘Retiring’

The Barbz were shook!!
Nicki Minaj Announced She Is ‘Retiring’
Instagram/Nicki Minaj

OMG!! Shut the front door.

On Thursday, Nicki shocked the world by announcing her retirement plans. She tweeted, “I’ve decided to retire and have my family…” She seems serious about starting her family as she changed her twitter handle to ‘Mrs. Petty’.

We knew Nicki was ready to settle down and start a family. We just didn’t think she would give up her career entirely!! Minaj, 36, has been dating 40-year-old Kenneth Petty since December 2018. The pair have been childhood sweethearts and have actually filed for a marriage license. Earlier this year, Nicki announced on her radio show that she would be getting married “in the next 80 days”.  

Nicki Minaj fans were shocked and hurt by the announcement. They demanded an explanation from the Queen herself. Minaj responded by promising a detailed explanation on her radio show, Queen Radio.

Other celebrities have also voiced their opinion. In an Instagram post, rapper 50 Cent stated that he didn’t want Nicki to retire.

Other fans are more concerned about her boo Kenneth Petty. Kenneth is a registered offender and was convicted of manslaughter in 2006. He also has five kids and is ‘active’ in their lives. Relationships are hard, so imagine being a new wife, a celebrity, a stepmom to five kids and dealing with the baby-mama drama!!

Whew Chile!!

However, based on her recent actions, some are claiming that her ‘retirement’ is fake. According to TMZ, “Nicki Minaj has been recording new music in the studio and is planning to record with some new artists over the past few days”. “Additionally, she still has studio time booked till next month.”

Nicki Minaj just needs a break from the internet trolls and haters. Rest, and come back soon, Nicki. We miss you already!