Haters Say Khloé Kardashian Has 'Nasty' And Overdone Lips In New Snap

Oh, she shut it down FR.
Haters Say Khloé  Kardashian Has 'Nasty' And Overdone Lips In New Snap
Instagram/Khloe Kardashian

How many times has Khloé been caught in the midst of some sort of drama? Whether she's defending the length of her nails, or shutting down trolls that accuse her of photoshopping her pictures - people always seem to have something to say (sigh).

Just the other day, Khloé posted a picture, which appeared to be an ad for company Skin Thesis. Captioning the post: "Hey glow!!! #ad Shout out to Melissa @skinthesisinc for my healthy glowing skin," Khloé can be seen showing off her clear complexion. But it wasn't her skin that fans were focused on - instead, they had some things to say about the supposed 'cosmetic enhancements' she's had done to her face.

Many commenters focused on Khloé's lips, with some claiming that she'd 'had too much filler'.

"I'm sorry but your lips are overdone, it looks nasty" wrote one user. Whilst another said "If you can’t close your lips… too much filler."

Not cool, guys. Not cool at all.

Whilst Khloé has been known to respond to 'haters' in the past, this time she decided to rise above all the drama, and turn the comments off completely. Sending a clear message, that online trolling is not ok. You go KoKo.

H/T Cosmo UK