It's Officially Time To Relieve Stress By Screaming and Smashing Everything in Sight

Trust us on this one.
It's Officially Time To Relieve Stress By Screaming and Smashing Everything in Sight

Does anyone else occasionally have that overwhelming urge to just scream at the top of their lungs, because you feel that's the only way to let out all the suppressed stress? Come on, I know you feel it too, don't leave me hanging! 

There are so many ways to de-stress; you could go for a run, enjoy a peaceful session of yoga, or perhaps even treat youreself to your favourite restaurant. But sometimes, all of these combined just don't hit the spot. 

Allow me to introduce you to the answer: 

Yep, at The Smash Room in Dubai, you can participate in its first-ever 'screaming meditation'. That's right, YELL your stress away while you smash anything and everything in sight. Honestly, this is a real thing that's happening on September 14th for just Dhs187.

So how exactly does it work?

You and your friends will be put inside a protective suit for safety, and will be asked to step inside a room filled with things to DESTROY. Then, all you gotta do is swing your hammer while simultaneously screaming out your stress. 

It all sounds so absurd and silly, but transformational life coach Bianca Devananda actually says that doing something like this might be a life-changing session to help people feel rejuvenated, refreshed and energetic!

The package will allow participants to let go of their repressed emotions, such as anxiety, anger or rage, and start feeling alive and peaceful. The session will include smashing DVD players whilst screaming to help release emotions on a deeper body, mind and soul level.

For the girls, a ladies' night package, priced at Dhs99, will see girls smashing 10 complimentary glasses. The best part? They get a 25% off on any extra add-ons they would like to smash, such as DVDs, printers or TVs.

Check out the website for more details. 

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